Do you know how many Canadians have died from the COVID vaccine?

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I’m going to show you some statistics about how many Canadians have been injured by vaccines. And how many have died from them.

I believe in basic vaccines, tried and true ones, the ones I myself have taken, I suppose.

I am aware that they don’t always work. But over time, in some cases, over decades, we know enough. About the risks of the original diseases; and about the risks of the vaccines; and whether it seems worthwhile to take them.

I know there are risks each way; there are risks in life no matter what you do — there are risks to doing nothing.

If you want to know what’s really a COVID risk, according to the Globe and Mail, and a public inquiry in Quebec, is if you’re in a Quebec LTC home where they believe in euthanasia. Just hundreds and hundreds of people killed.

In Canada, the death rate for the virus is currently zero per hundred thousand population

So that’s what you're balancing any possible risk from a vaccine against. How scared of you of the virus? I put it to you that without the media, you wouldn’t be scared at all.

If you don’t know anyone at a Quebec nursing home, you probably don’t know anyone who died from the virus this past year.

I bet you know someone who has had their life ruined, whether it’s a business shut down or a school year ruined.

So the vaccines are the other side of that equation.

But why don’t we hear stats, on a daily basis, in the same way, about people who are injured or killed from vaccines? Is that not an interesting question?

I think it is. Is a death from the vaccine somehow less painful or tragic than a death from the virus itself? Or is it more tragic or painful?

I’d say, it’s the same. But perhaps it’s more avoidable; or at least something we should talk about and warn people about, to make informed decisions. And maybe we should figure it out a bit first before pushing more vaccines on children.

Just a thought.

GUEST: Jenin Younes (@Leftylockdowns1 on Twitter) on the news that the NCLA is suing GMU officials over their refusal to recognize a professor's naturally-occurring COVID immunity.

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