What does Trudeau think about a foreign-funded campaign of mischief and vandalism that supports Vladimir Putin? I’ll show you.

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Paid, foreign-funded instigators is normal — even if the media party hides it all.

Look at this example of another boring left-wing stunt. But it hits different this time.

Video: Protesters just poured molasses all over the Gastown Steam Clock in Vancouver

The new group says plans to block traffic and bridges this week, too.

Let me stop there. So, vandalism. Mischief. More than happened during the entire trucker convoy.

Where’s the Emergencies Act? Where are the riot police? Where are the bank seizures? I’m kidding. That’s only for trucker peaceful protesters. Not Justin Trudeau’s allies.

I’ll read more:

A protester climbed up a ladder and poured molasses over the Gastown Steam Clock as part of an anti-fracking demonstration.

Stop Fracking Around, a new civil disobedience group, launched its anti-fracking campaign in Vancouver on Wednesday (Aug. 10) morning just after 10 a.m., pouring molasses over the tourist attraction at the corner of Cambie and Water streets.

The group says the thick syrup represents “fracked oil” and the demonstration will “possibly involve arrests” for its “non-violent civil disobedience.”

Now, do you really believe that Stop Fracking Around is a new group? Or do you think it’s just the same old losers with a new name? Well, the left-wing website that reported this news was happy to include a link to their website.

And, yup, it’s the same old losers. Professional protesters. You can see their contact person — Brent Eichler. He’s a perpetual protester. And good for him — he seems mainly peaceful, but I haven’t done a lot of digging.

Pouring molasses over a public square, making it gross and dirty — that literally does sound like the word mischief, right? The same charge that Tamara Lich has spent nearly 50 days in prison for, right?

They talk about Eichler a bit:

Activist Brent Eichler, formerly of Extinction Rebellion's Vancouver chapter and the Save Old Growth campaigns, spoke to Vancouver Is Awesome from the scene of the protest.

These are foreign-funded activists. Extinction Rebellion — that’s a multi-million dollar U.K.-based extremist group funded by billionaires like Aileen Getty.

Foreign-funded activists paid to do stupid mischief in Canada. Isn’t that what they shut down GoFundMe and GiveSendGo for, about the truckers?

And this:

Stop Fracking Around is planning another rally on Aug. 15 at 9 a.m. at city hall, where they will be joined by members of the Wet'suwet'en first nation for a larger demonstration that will likely involve blocking intersections and bridges.

Didn’t they literally freeze bank accounts for that? Didn’t they say that blocking roads was a national emergency?

So, just another day in wacky Vancouver. I’ve seen this a dozen times. But isn’t it a bit different now?

Isn’t blocking roads a high crime tantamount to treason? That’s what Trudeau said. Don’t we call in the riot cops? Don’t we throw people in prison now? Don’t we seize bank accounts?

I don’t want it to be that way — this really is just mischief. But there won’t be a single ticket issued, will there be.

And what are they protesting? Natural gas. Haven’t we learned about natural gas this year? As in, Russia’s stranglehold on natural gas supply to Europe not only funds its war on Ukraine, but prevents Germany and other European countries from really doing anything about it. Germany can’t put sanctions on Russia. Russia can put sanctions on Germany — by cutting off gas.

Does Putin want natural gas exports from Canada? He does not. These protesters are literally running errands for Putin. And silence from the media — who will denounce anyone and everyone they don’t like as Russian agents.

But it proves — nothing they said about the truckers being an economic or criminal threat was true. Nothing they said about their concern about Russia’s power was true.

It was always just an excuse to attack their enemies.

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