China copies Trudeau’s language about peaceful political critics

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Look at this story from the Hong Kong Free Press — one of the few voices left in that city not controlled by Communist China:

Hong Kong Police Force vows to quickly clarify rumours and ‘misinformation’ with new Public Relations Wing

Oh. Well that sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Assistant Commissioner Chan Tung, who will oversee the Public Relations Wing, told the press last Friday that misinformation and “fake news” were largely behind the deteriorating relationship between the police and the public.

Really? So a police commissioner will now determine what is misinformation and fake news. And you see, that’s the reason why Hongkongers fear and hate the police. Not that they’re enforcing Communist Party rules in a once free city. No. It’s the political misinformation. That’s the ticket.

It reminds me of the Ottawa Police, who, atrociously, decided that they weren’t in the law enforcement business. They were in the propaganda and threats business, in the political business, in the demonizing Trudeau’s enemies business.

Yeah. It’s not the misinformation that makes us hate you. It’s the accurate information.

Yeah. What a disgrace.

But evidently, a role model for Communist China!

The Hong Kong Police Force has rebranded its public relations branch and introduced a 24-hour mechanism to monitor online “smearing” of police work.

The Public Relations Wing – formerly known as the Police Public Relations Branch – held an opening ceremony at the police headquarters in Wan Chai on Monday, local media reported.

Assistant Commissioner Chan Tung, who will oversee the Public Relations Wing, told the press last Friday that misinformation and “fake news” were largely behind the deteriorating relationship between the police and the public.”

Do you believe that? Fake news? Is that why Hongkongers don’t like their police?

So here’s what they’re going to do. They’re going to spy on you and censor you. Like Trudeau does — like his proposed censorship bills do.

Consequently, one of the wing’s major responsibilities is to “detect rumours early, and proactively provide clarifications as soon as possible.”

Since the beginning of the year, the police have worked with a tech company to introduce a 24-hour mechanism that monitors heated online debate and words that “smear” the force.

That’s exactly what they do in Canada! The government works with tech companies to monitor online debates.

Here is YouTube’s “community guidelines”. Especially on COVID-19. As you can see, it censors “content that contradicts WHO or local health authorities’ guidance”:

Your local health authority gets YouTube to suspend or delete your YouTube video if it contradicts the government

So China is doing that in Hong Kong now. Not just about COVID, of course. But anything criticizing the government.

Chief Superintendent of Police Karen Tsang said incidents that occurred in 2019, when the city saw months-long protests and unrest, showed that misinformation could cause “profound and long-lasting devastation.”

That’s exactly how the entire Canadian establishment talks about the peaceful trucker protests!

Peaceful; beautiful; grassroots; organic; millions of them. No — misinformation, disinformation. That’s what the government says.

What’s disinformation? Anything that contradicts the government. Sounds nuts, right? Well, that’s actually the exact same standard that Canada’s government uses for disinformation.

You’ll remember, Trudeau’s Department of Defence paid the University of Calgary to demonize critics of the Liberal Government as being in league with Vladimir Putin. Seriously.

They literally said that anyone who doesn’t support the Trudeau government is, by definition, part of foreign disinformation.

That’s nuts. But if Canada can say it, why can’t China?

And of course, the most important thing to say as you’re violating press freedom is that you support press freedom. Duh.

‘Respect press freedom’

The new head of the police’s Public Relations Wing said he disagreed that police actions taken against defunct news outlets Apple Daily and Stand News had led to a decline in Hong Kong’s press freedom.

They literally shut down newspapers. But that’s because they were getting in the way of freedom, you see.

“The police force… is very respectful of both press freedom and the freedom of individuals. Anyone can express their views online, but there is one important point – they cannot break the law,” Chan said.

Right. Same in Canada, right? The only problem is, the law now covers peaceful political dissent. In both Canada and Hong Kong.

One of the saddest things in the world is to see Hong Kong, a beacon of freedom for a century, be absolutely crushed by China — even though the hand that was doing the crushing was often the Hong Kong police. But they weren’t acting as police; and they weren’t acting for Hong Kong. They were acting as an arm of the Communist Party in Beijing. So sad.

I wonder: how much longer until Trudeau’s police raid Rebel News’ office?

It’s not just Canada. In the U.S., Joe Biden nominated someone to be their disinformation commissioner. Seriously, remember her?

The New York Post called her Scary Poppins; she was driven out of the job by pure public ridicule. But Canada is setting up a similar disinformation bureau. Same idea. Identical, in fact; surely designed in cooperation with Biden’s Democrats. And there is not derision or opposition in Canada. Certainly not from the 99 per cent of the media Trudeau is renting through his media bail-out.

And the UK is introducing the same thing, too. They call it the Online Safety Bill. Sure. Your safety is what they care about. We saw a sniff of what could be more to come — a bunch of cops showing up at someone’s house and arresting them for liking a Facebook post.

So yeah. Terrible censors. Strangling democracy. Ending a century of freedom. Ruining a once-great city. The end of an era; what a shame; it will never come back to freedom, I regret.

Sorry — that last sentence — I could be talking about Hong Kong, or the UK or Canada, couldn’t I?

GUEST: Spencer Fernando (@SpencerFernando) on his recent article, Every Canadian Needs To Read This Twitter Thread.

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