Toronto's urban decay is a taxpayer-funded, government-approved descent into madness

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Toronto's Allan Gardens, once a downtown jewel, has become emblematic of a larger problem, as guest host David Menzies highlights.

Occupied by drug addicts, dealers, and other vagrants, the park is now a litter-strewn battleground filled with violence, late-night disturbances, and a dwindling respect for authority.

The city's response has been less than decisive, and other locations such as South Riverdale Community Health Centre, which hosts a safe injection site, have exacerbated the issue.

The once-pristine Allan Gardens is now a microcosm of a broader societal problem thanks to the disease of far-left liberalism.

Yet, this is just the tip of the iceberg. A few miles east, the South Riverdale Community Health Centre attracts both addicts seeking a safe space for injections and problematic drug dealers.

A recent gunfight outside the facility, resulting in the tragic death of Karolina Huebner-Makurat, a mother of two, has raised serious questions about the center's location and operation.

This tragic death should have been a turning point. However, the continued operation of the South Riverdale Community Health Centre and the absence of any robust response are a grim testament to a lack of political will and a descent into a state of lawlessness.

At the end of the day, this is not harm reduction. This is a taxpayer-funded and a government-approved descent into madness.

GUEST: Sue Ann Levy, veteran reporter speaks on the ongoing culture of fear in the Toronto school board and threats of a teacher's strike.
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