Trudeau's policies fan flames and burn holes in the pockets of everyday Canadians

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GUEST HOST: Tamara Ugolini

Wildfires are not unfamiliar to Canada. In 2003, Kelowna, British Columbia witnessed a blaze consume approximately 25,000 hectares. In 2016, Fort McMurray in Alberta had close to 600,000 hectares swallowed by fire, marking it as Canada's costliest natural disaster.

However, in 2023, a new narrative has emerged. The current Liberal government, bolstered by climate activists, attributes these fires to the larger 'climate emergency'.

This term is not merely descriptive but prescriptive, implying that rapid, even drastic, action is necessary. The proposed solution? Carbon taxes, aimed at offsetting the supposed 'hidden' costs of carbon emissions. While these taxes are painted as a fix to the climate issue, the immediate repercussions are felt by everyday Canadians.

The repercussions are not merely financial. Trudeau's recent legislation, Bill C-18 or the 'Online News Act', limits Canadians' access to vital news on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Despite concerns raised by tech giants like Google, the Liberal government is pushing this bill, potentially disrupting how Canadians interact with the internet as a whole. Google had expressed interest in collaborating on the legislation, but the Liberals moved ahead, seemingly disregarding external advice.

Trudeau's stance has come under scrutiny, particularly as affected Canadians face challenges in accessing crucial wildfire updates. Yet, instead of addressing the core issue, he has shifted blame.

Canadians are now at a crossroads. Trudeau, once lauded for his policies, now appears increasingly out of touch. His previous endeavors, like the 2021 election's focus on vaccination status, showcased a divisive approach.

While Trudeau might paint a rosy picture, Canadians are feeling the squeeze – both from the wildfires and from the policies that are burning holes in their pockets. As Canada navigates these fiery challenges, the need for real leadership is more apparent than ever.

GUEST: Hatim Kheir, JCCF Lawyer

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