The Trudeau Liberals issue a warning against travelling to the United States (I’m serious)

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Tonight on The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra discusses the eyebrow-raising move by the Trudeau Liberals to officially advised Canadians to think twice before travelling to the U.S., specifically highlighting concerns for "2SLGBTQI+" travellers. This latest travel advisory adds a specific warning for "2SLGBTQI+" individuals, cautioning them about certain states that might have "laws and policies affecting their rights."

Is this a political maneuver to distract from pressing domestic issues, such as inflation, housing costs and rising crime rates? Why exactly is the government cautioning its citizens against travelling to its closest ally and neighbor?

Questions about the real motives behind this advisory linger and whether it’s an attempt to shift focus from Trudeau's waning popularity remains to be seen. The media's response, particularly that of the CBC, further complicates the narrative.

In the age of global politics, one must question if this is truly about safeguarding Canadian travellers or a political game of shadow-boxing with international figures.

Meanwhile, Ezra talks about the balancing in-studio commentary, on-the-scene journalism, campaigns like crowdfunding for citizen initiatives and more after a whirlwind trip to Australia and New Zealand for Avi Yemini's Dowunder Rebel From The Start book launch. He also discusses how the coverage of wildfires in Lahaina, Maui and Rebel News' commitment to events across Canada exemplify our commitment to diverse storytelling.

GUEST: Ezra throws to our Ottawa reporter, Robert Kraychik's recent report at the Ottawa Pride Parade.

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