New polls show that Canadians overwhelmingly oppose schools keeping their kids' transgender experimentation hidden from them

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Tonight on The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra highlights how latest polls show a clear Canadian sentiment: parents want transparency when it comes to their child's education and identity and the The tide of opinion in Canada is shifting.

The recent data reveals that Canadians largely oppose schools making decisions about a student's transgender identity without informing the parents. This trend might be likened to the political pendulum which once favored leaders like Justin Trudeau and now swings away from his influence. Indeed, the once-popular Liberal tide, epitomized by Trudeau, seems to be ebbing, with even stalwarts like Newfoundland and Labrador's premier, Andrew Furey, struggling in polls against Conservatives.

This new attitude isn't limited to politics. Take the controversy in New Brunswick, where premier Blaine Higgs faced criticism for his government's changes to Policy 713. The policy sets standards for a "safe and inclusive environment for LGBTQ students." At the core of the debate is the proposed change requiring parental consent for teachers to address students under 16 by their chosen names and pronouns. The implication is clear: schools shouldn't keep such vital information about a child from their parents.

Public opinion often contrasts with media representation. The CBC and certain political factions seem more preoccupied with divisive cultural debates, like those on transgender issues, rather than tackling pressing issues like inflation, housing, or crime. The disconnect is palpable when policies that could profoundly affect a child's life and health – like decisions on puberty blockers, hormones, or surgeries – are made without parental input.

In Saskatchewan, this wave of seeking parental involvement is evident. Premier Scott Moe has been vocal in supporting parental inclusion, especially when outside organizations are involved in the educational process. And he's not alone; recent data from Angus Reid Institute showcases overwhelming Canadian support for involving parents in decisions about a child's gender identity in schools.

While the media might present Canadians as being divided on these issues, the numbers tell a different story. The majority seeks transparency, parental involvement, and a return to balanced values. As is often the case, the pendulum of public opinion is swinging back.

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