A Global News journalist cries on camera — are they crocodile tears?

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Global News reporter tweeted out a tearful appeal yesterday and hundreds of journalists retweeted it in solidarity. Her message:

"I’m done. Free press is under attack. We won’t be silenced. But we need you to stand up for us."

The Canadian Association of Journalists said "Online harassment is a scourge on our democracy and it needs to stop".

The theme here was that female journalists in Canada are being targetted. Especially "journalists of colour".

Studies show men are actually attacked more — just like in real life. But still, what attacks do they all mean? Do they mean something like happens to our Rebel News journalist? There are a few notable incidents that come to mind immediately — many at the hands of police, actually.

Did Rachel get attacked? Hit? Kicked? Tripped? Punched, like David Menzies? Shot like Alexa?

Well, it sounds like she’s received some mean tweets and emails. And she described some of the messages. Photos plastered to the wall, a list of journalists to kill. She says she’s being stalked. She can’t leave the house. Every day this happens. And she blames right-wingers.

Now, like any dad, I am very susceptible to a young person crying. And I read one of those messages — someone wrote, “I’ll kill you bitch, better watch your back when you’re in public”. And a few seconds later, you can see an email from the Ottawa police telling her she’s been assigned a police officer to help her. A lead investigator —which suggests there are more than one.

So I’m sympathetic. I mean, someone saying I’ll kill you — I think the police should investigate. And as you can see, they are.

But can I ask a few questions?

About Global News monetizing and commercializing this story, about publishing a tearful report about it? I mean, that’s unusual, right? Alexa Lavoie cried — but she had literally been shot seconds before. You’ve never seen Alexa go into the studio and cry on demand for a video, and put it up for clicks and ad money. That’s a bit — I don’t know. Performative? Exploitative?

But still. You heard her. This happens every day, she says. She doesn’t even like leaving her house.

Except I happen to know that’s not true. Because I did a show about her last week — when she left her house. To go to a blue-chip, fancy people only panel at Carleton J-school. She was on a panel with the president of CBC, the head of Global News (her boss) and the bureau chief of CTV. These were the most powerful women in Ottawa media. And sitting next to them was no-one less than the Liberal public safety minister. So not only was she safe, she felt safe. And she was laughing and joking and talking about her favourite subject — herself! She wanted to talk about herself, and laugh, and me me me me. Did she look terrified to you?

But she said it happens constantly. And she showed that first message. Except it actually had the date on it — July 24th. Five months ago. It seems odd to cry about a tweet from five months ago — when she was laughing it up with powerful insiders last week. It almost seems staged.

You can see that person’s name — TysonMartens5. I went online:

It no longer exists. So it has been dealt with. Perhaps months ago. But she’s making it sound like that just happened to her, and that neither the police nor Twitter has done anything about it. Why would she mislead people like that?

But here’s another message she showed. One that calls her an insulting name — an old crone. That’s an old-fashioned word for an old and ugly woman. She is not old and ugly, but I get it — it’s an insult. In a long, long ranting email. I get those — maybe 50 a day? Why read it and obsess over it? If you enter the public square, you get heckled — she certainly heckles others in the public square. I wouldn’t call her a crone; but she shows that email while saying someone is trying to silence her voice. Yeah, just delete them and block them.

I paused the video on one image. They were talking bout the rude party game, Marry, f--k, Kill. That’s a game, typically played by drunk young people being risqué, where one person lists three people and you have to say which you would marry, which you would kill and which you would F-k. Obviously it’s a rude joke. Here’s what the actual email says, that she isn’t blocking:

"there really was a wall of photos in the garage and it was like those things you’d see in detective movies with a hierarchy, they used electrical tape to connect lines from the photos. Most of the ones on the top level looked to be non-racialize men but there was a lower tier or c-words.”

It goes on — she’s blocking some of it, but it sounds like a crazy gossipy weird story, told to her by a rambling crazy friend. Talking about things in Victoria, B.C. But the kill part was the game marry f--k kill. That’s a joke. She’s pretending that people who play that game are going to come to kill her. So she’s afraid to leave her house, even for a pumpkin spice latte.

But in any event — it was all reported by some kooky friend. That’s not a threat letter. It’s a letter written by someone who is either gossipy or nutty, or could tell her where this imaginary gang compound is. I’ll tell you where it is. It’s in her imagination.

Then the next one she talks about being stalked. What’s the evidence Well, another anonymous email, which reads:

 “Just so you know, we’ve had people posing as stringers infiltrating you guys across the country for years. Long before Covid came along. Did you ever wonder how home addresses and hangouts of people leak out, including ones of health officials who were nobodies before 2020?,” and it goes on like that.

So some stranger writes to Rachel Gilmore and says that his band of, what, right wing trouble-makers, have actually been infiltrating Global News for years, years ago, before Gilmore even worked there, I think, posing as journalists. Like a Soviet sleeper cell in the west.

Do you really believe that? The the trucker convoy, or whoever she hates today, that three years ago, before there was a pandemic, before there was a convoy, three years ago the truckers infiltrated Global News and are stalking her from inside the company? That’s what that email says. But she is so terrified by that — that the stalkers are actually working right with her at Global News! — that she is literally crying.

Another one reads:

“Jesus Christ is this seriously what you went to university to do with your life?”

I can’t see any swears or threats. Just an insult, mocking her for her journalism. This is what she’s terrified about?

But back to that first message which was a Direct Message on Twitter. It’s like a private email, but through Twitter. You can see some stranger has tried to contact her, and she can block him — that’s what Twitter is prompting her to do.

Why does she have her direct messages open like that? If you look at her Twitter account, that little envelope means literally anyone in the world can send her a private message. Why would she do that? I only accept private messages from people I follow — my friends or people I work with. Who on earth would leave their Twitter DMs open to the whole world — especially if she has been having rude people bother her for months? That’s like leaving your door open and complaining that raccoons are coming into the house. Well, how about closing your door? Like Twitter prompts you to do literally eery day?

It’s almost like she likes this to happen — almost like she thrives on it, loves playing the victim. Almost like she is putting on a performance.

She lied about the threats to kill her — that’s a party game, marry, f--k, kill. She lied about police not helping — they obviously are. You can understand why they won’t prosecute someone playing marry, f--k, kill.

She exaggerates. That email that had the words Viva Frie on them didn’t contain a single swear or threat — she just didn’t like being told she wasn’t a good journalist. And the truth is, she isn’t. I mean, this is her journalism:

But remember her girl power panel the other day. Remember what they wanted — they wanted the Liberals to criminalize people talking back to journalists in mean ways. Journalists can be mean to you. You just can’t be mean back.

And — almost like it was choreographed — the public safety minister responded to this tearful request:

Almost like they set that whole thing up. Look, if reporters are receiving real death threats, they should be investigated. And we know that they are — she showed us an email. I want those investigations to happen — because I want to know if these rude emailers are left-wing agents provocateurs. Like Bernie Faber of the so-called Anti-hate network, who falsely claimed that a racist pamphlet was handed out in Ottawa, when in fact it was a photo from Florida.

Or another Anti-hate network creep, Richard Warman, who literally joined a nazi group called Storefront, and posted hundreds of anti-semitic and anti-black comments, while pretending to be a right-winger.

I want to know who wrote the rude emails to Rachel Gilmore. But I also want to know why she’s such a liar. Why does she claim that a second-hand report of a marry, f--k, kill joke half a continent away is a death threat? Why does she believe Global News is full of secret sleeper cells, waiting since 2019 to stalk her? And why would she say such things, in weeping tears, for Global News? And why would someone who hates rude strangers leave her direct messages open for anyone to pop in and be rude — unless she gets some weird thrill out of it?

Because that’s her brand. Rachel Gilmore is a privileged, white, pumpkin spice latte girl who is hanging out with the head of the CBC, the head of Global News and a cabinet minister. She’s part of the elite — even though her chief contribution to journalism is making TikTok vids in low-cut shirts for teenaged boys.

She hates conservatives, and she hates when people don’t applaud her. She wants the police to arrest her political enemies, or at least censor them. She’s the girl who cried wolf — don’t you believe her fake tears.

GUEST: RC Maxwell from Project Veritas

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