Leftists despise humanity and consider their opponents to be 'invalid people'

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Tonight, Ezra interviews American author Dr. James Lindsay on the wokeness epidemic that has festered in the west.

Almost everything the left does only makes sense when you understand that there are broadly two classes of people with wholly different rules: the people and the enemies of the people who are not considered valid people, according to Dr. Lindsay.

Leftists are told their enemies are the people who reject their worldview, he said. Everything they do is considered 'bad' and deserving of punishment.

The October 7th pogrom in southern Israel exemplified that with Hamas justifying their hate, violence and intimidation of the Jewish people out of spite and ideology.

Those who support the cause receive humane treatment, with their speech uncensored and their rights and privileges untouched. Whereas those deemed 'invalid' can have their rights and freedoms revoked in an instant.

"I'll just tell you the truth," he told Rebel News. "There's so much more energy in Canada to fight back against the woke [ideology] and tyranny."

Absent of context, leftists marginalize or cancel those who undermine their ideas through mockery or debate. 

At this stage in history, those opposed to socialism are the enemies of the people — the 'invalid' people.

GUEST: Dr. James Lindsay, an American author and cultural critic of all things woke.
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