Ezra Levant on the pro-freedom coverage of Rebel News

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Tonight, Ezra interviews chief reporter Sheila Gunn Reid on Rebel's coverage since the first of big government's draconian lockdowns.

Since 2020, Rebel News has covered every aspect of the COVID pandemic, from martial law in Quebec to government shutdowns of ma and pa shops.

But from the ashes of the pandemic emerged a simmering love for freedom. Tamara Lich and thousands of patriotic Canadians led a nationwide protest against the inherent social cost of vaccine passports. They pressed the federal government for dividing Canadians when others complied to their COVID tyranny.

As millions looked to turn a page, the Trudeau Liberals pushed hard to censor their opponents in media. They continue to silence their critics in a bid to control the narrative. They don't want diversity, but to push their version of the truth. And we won't let them.

Their revolution for authoritarian control will ultimately fail, like the despotic regimes of old.

In their bid to scapegoat cripple entire regions stands a beacon of hope in Alberta. Again, when others complied, Alberta Premier Danielle Smith stood her ground.

After two successive legal victories in federal court, Smith told the federal climate czar to mind his jurisdiction.

GUEST: Sheila Gunn Reid, Rebel News' chief reporter and Alberta bureau chief.
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