Trudeau’s CBC state broadcaster does their best to smear Elon Musk

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Tonight, Trudeau’s CBC state broadcaster does their best to smear Elon Musk.

A few months back, the CBC’s in-house ombudsman, who usually just whitewashes the state broadcaster’s ethical lapses, was so grossed out by one CBC story that he actually chided its author for smearing Trudeau’s enemies as conspiracy theorists. The reporter’s name is Jonathan Montpetit. They call him an “investigative journalist” but he’s really a mud-thrower, rehashing left-wing gossip about conservatives.

Montpetit doesn't actually investigate anyone or anything — certainly not speaking truth to power. He works for power, smearing power’s critics as kooky, goofy conspiracy theorists, and calls himself a journalist as he does it. Even CBC took a disliking to Montpetit’s article calling everyone he hates a “disinformationist." 

Programmers at CBC assume a great responsibility when they choose to use terms such as “misinformation” and “disinformation” in their stories. When they do so, they had better be right, because if it turns out down the road that the information proved to be correct, they can do great damage to their reputation. Precision is key, and labels should be employed with great caution. Sometimes it would be safer to say that there is no evidence for something, rather than proclaiming it to be false.

It's a lesson Montpetit has yet to take to heart, as he was at it again, today, going after Trudeau’s latest enemy: Elon Musk and Twitter, now known as “X”. It was a boring, long, 2,000-word story, written to please Trudeau and his staff more than to get normal people to read it. But Ezra is ready to get his hands dirty, showing you the anatomy of a smear job.

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