Justin Trudeau detaches Canada from our allies, sides with Hamas in a key United Nations vote

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Tonight, Justin Trudeau detaches Canada from our allies, and sides with Hamas in a key United Nations vote.

It was a disgraceful moment — and everyone knew it — when last night, Canadian ambassador to the United Nations Rob Brae, on Trudeau’s instruction, voted to condemn Israel in a resolution that specifically and proudly didn’t even mention Hamas.

Traditionally, the U.S. votes against such motions (to stand with Israel and ensure that any vote at the UN Security Council is vetoed) and other Western allies let America do the heavy lifting. So, last night, for example, the UK, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Ukraine, the Netherlands, and the new government of Argentina all abstained.

But not Canada. Canada voted to condemn Israel, more or less accusing Israel of war crimes, alongside countries like Syria, North Korea, Iran and Russia.

But why? Well, Trudeau might be bad at math when it comes to national finances but he can count votes. There are now five times as many Muslims as Jews in Canada, mainly due to unlimited immigration from Muslim countries.

That's who is in the streets. Some of the pro-Hamas protesters are first-generation Canadians but many are just off the plane — many aren’t even citizens yet. They've brought with them their ancient hatred from a foreign land and no one — certainly not Trudeau — has told them to stop. Peaceful truckers are stopped — they’re arrested and jailed and their bank accounts are seized — but not a peep from Trudeau about the antisemitic hate marches.

The polls are everywhere: Trudeau is behind by almost twenty percent.

But so what if Canadians don’t like him? He’s jacked up immigration to one million people per year. He’s already fast-tracked citizenship, reducing it down to three years. He’ll just add millions more Canadians who do like him and his pro-Hamas policies.

As a result, Canada is no longer with the US and the UK, or even countries like Hungary, Czechia, or Argentina. Canada's place is what you’d expect from Trudeau: It's standing with terrorists, opposite of our allies, throwing the Jews to the wolves.

GUEST: Featuring a special segment on David Menzies's recent field report exposing the 50-year-old biological man, Nicholas Cepeda, who is competing against pre-teen girls at Tony Rose Memorial Sports Centre in Orangeville, Ontario.

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