If you can damn a founding father of Canada, you condemn the memory of anyone else in Toronto

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Tonight, Ezra picks apart cancel culture in Toronto amid the city's push to rename Dundas Street at grave cost to taxpayers.

The name Dundas Street has existed in modern-day Toronto for over two centuries. Named in honour of Scottish politician Henry Dundas, First Viscount Melville.

In June 2021, city staff recommended a name change, pegging costs at $5.1 million to $6.3 million. However, the City Manager updated the estimate to nearly double that tally.

Earlier this year, media reports quoted an unofficial estimate of $8.6 million. The new estimate is upwards of $12.7 million.

But noticeably absent are the costs for renaming businesses, says former CBC reporter Jennifer Dundas. Staff have never disclosed the cost to reimburse some 4,500 businesses for changing their addresses or business names adding several millions of dollars to the bottom line.

GUEST: Jennifer DundasRetired Crown prosecutor and former CBC reporter.
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