Free speech is on fire in Ireland: in-depth with Gript Media's Ben Scallan

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Tonight, Ezra is joined once again by Ben Scallan, a reporter for Gript Media, to discuss the roots and fiery aftermath of the recent unrest in Gript's backyard, the country of Ireland.

Ireland is made up of just over 5 million people but, in so many ways, it's going through the same battles as other countries in the West: mass immigration without assimilation, globalist control as opposed to national sovereignty and, of course, political correctness and wokeness demonizing anyone who dares to think contrary to the official narrative. As of just last month, the country has been on fire as a result.

A window into the world of Ireland comes from the independent journalism outfit Gript Media, built to submit the news unfiltered, especially if it challenges the consensus. Joining Ezra tonight is one of their correspondents, Ben Scallan, to tell the other side of Ireland's storm of controversy and how the regime media is refusing to cover things that are "unhelpful" to their narratives.

GUEST: Ben Scallan, political correspondent for Gript Media.

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