UK Court Pushes Back on a Transgender Bully

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What is it about some trans men that makes them so hyper masculine in their rage?

Not all trans people. There have been men who have dressed as woman for a long time — but only in the past few years has it become such a hyper-aggressive political attack.

Especially if you “misgender” them. You know, you have the human right to call yourself whatever — a man, a woman, an attack helicopter, the King of Spain. I mean, whatever floats your boat. But you don’t have the power to tell me I have to say the same.

But on Twitter, for example, if you “dead name” or “misgender” a trans activist, you’ll be suspended.

Well, look at this case from the UK:

Victory in the war on woke: Judges' landmark ruling in case of mother who called trans woman 'he' on Twitter means freedom of speech DOES includes the 'right to offend'

You know, I read this whole judgment, and I thought: Twitter has a “block” button. And a “mute” button. And a computer has an off button. No-one is actually harassed on line without their permission and cooperation.

Maybe this court case is a small setback for them and a small win for common sense.

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