Justin Trudeau doesn't care about the consequences of mass immigration, and Canadians are paying for it

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Tonight, Ezra delves into the repercussions of Justin Trudeau's mass immigration policy. According to the Bank of Canada, the Trudeau Liberals are jacking up housing prices courtesy of immigration.

Canada is on track to bring in 465,000 permanent residents this year, 485,000 in 2024, and half a million by 2025. In 2022, Canada accepted 431,645 new permanent residents after setting a record with 401,000 newcomers the year before.

Experts contend that immigration hikes and a shrinking homebuilding pace will worsen the housing gap.

Secretary of the Cabinet, Janice Charette, claimed record-breaking immigration quotas caused a housing affordability crisis in a classified memorandum.

She said, "broad agreement" exists that "homebuilding has been insufficient [compared] to housing demand in recent years." 

But never mind that as the prime minister also ignored in-house warnings from the country's highest-ranking bureaucrat. In 2026, Canadians can expect another 500,000 new permanent residents.

To make matters worse, Canada is no closer now than in 2015 on implementing a values test for newcomers.

Over the past couple months, Canada has seen anti-Israel protestors mobilize against Jewish self-determination and freedom.

They've intimidated Jewish ma and pa shops, and disrupted Christmas shoppers taking pictures with Santa in recent weeks. Others intimidated the prime minister at a Vancouver restaurant while dueling protestors occupied his constituency office in Montreal.

Over the weekend in Calgary, one protestor praised the allies of Hamas in Iran and Hezbollah, while claiming there is nowhere Trudeau can hide for supporting Israel.

GUEST: Alex Dhaliwal, Rebel News Reporter and Web Writer.

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