Hamas supporter repeatedly issues death threats while the police stand by. Is it cowardice? Is it fear?

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Tonight, the police see a Hamas supporter issue a death threat repeatedly and just let him walk away.

A few weeks ago, a London pro-Hamas march turned on a McDonald's and threatened the people inside. They didn't smash windows or storm the place but there was genuine rage against the establishment. The only explanation that's been offered is that one McDonald's location reportedly gave free sandwiches to Israeli soldiers, meaning that somehow the entire chain must be anti-Palestinian.

This kind of behaviour is medieval in its superstition and stupidity. The people in this McDonald's in London were like any Londoners; they were of every race and religion, including Muslims. But this rage at an inanimate object  at McDonald's  shows just how maniacal the hatred was on the streets.

You might think that stunts like this will win Hamas supporters a lot of enemies, not friends  similar to when they block subway stations or highways. But the real purpose of their actions is to intimidate, to cause chaos, to tire people out so that they say, "Fine, whatever. I'll give you whatever you want if you'll stop the social upheaval."

No one is making thoughtful arguments when they chant, "Free Palestine! From the river to the sea...! A global solution...!" because the goal is not to persuade, it's to terrify, to show the public that they are the new dominant force.

They're not trying to persuade you of the righteousness of the Palestinian cause. They're trying to persuade you, rather, that if you don't submit to them, they will bring this kind of pain and chaos into your life.

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