Another wrinkle in the infamous Busty Lemieux saga

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Guest host: David Menzies

Although the woke-joke Halton District School Board would prefer that the Busty Lemieux saga would simply go away, alas and alack, this whale of a tale regarding that shop teacher with enormous fake breasts is still garnering attention the world over. Indeed, this sordid saga has been covered by international media ranging from Fox News in the U.S. to the Daily Mail in the U.K.

Little wonder, because at the end of the day, the HDSB’s commitment to wokeness has made this school board an international laughingstock. And yet, even at this late date, the HDSB refuses to do the right thing. Like, for starters, telling Mr. Lemieux that if he insists on dressing like a drag queen, could he, you know, dress appropriately? Like, can he find a blouse that doesn’t get penetrated by those enormous fake nipples which are attached to those enormous fake Z-cup breasts?

Is that too much of an ask? Apparently, yeah, it is.

Asking questions is apparently ‘transphobia’

As well, why won’t the HDSB launch an investigation regarding whether Mr. Lemieux is a prankster or a pervert? Everybody knows this is not a genuine male to female transition. Trans people want to blend in those of the other sex — not put themselves on display as grotesque caricatures of the other sex.

But to even ask questions Lemieux’s motive is — what? — an act of transphobia in the view of the HDSB?

Indeed, it appears as though the HDSB thinks the real solution to this sordid saga is to... shoot-the-messenger?

‘The Menzoid’ gets banned from Halton District School Board

Case in point: I was recently sent a letter by the HDSD. It states that I have been banned for life from attending its headquarters as well as any HDSB properties or schools in Halton Region. My crime: asking insensitive questions.

Imagine that, suspended for life for wrong-thought. I’m having a flashback to 1987 when WWF commissioner Jack Tunney did precisely that to wrestling referee Danny Davis.

Yeah, really, how can anyone do that?

But the only thing different here is that referee Danny Davis was a corrupt official whereas reporter David Menzies is just a journalist asking a few tough questions. Questions that the HDSB educrats don’t want to hear.

Students censored

And it’s not just me that the HDSB is trying to muzzle and censor. Students were recently warned not take pictures or videos of Lemieux; and if they do so, THEY face suspension. Thankfully, this threat hasn’t stopped some brave students from recording Busty Lemieux.

And one video that was recently shot is most interesting indeed. It appears to show a student vaping in class. That’s a no-no right?

But in this video, the kid is vaping away, right next to Busty Lemieux. And Lemieux is doing nothing to lay down the law. Then again, we’ve heard his classes are disasters these days. None of the students respect this wannabe drag queen. The kids aren’t learning anything and they’re all doing their own thing — as the vaping video clearly demonstrates.

Can you blame them?

Ontario Ministries of Education, Labour lacking intestinal fortitude

By the way, when it comes to the rules, forget the Ministry of Education, where the hell is the Ministry of Labour? Busty Lemieux continues to violate every workshop etiquette rule in the book — long sleeve shirts, jewelry, no hairnet, and so on. But its no harm, no foul.

Why? Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Lemieux is allegedly a trans man, and we should all know by now , trans people don’t have equal rights — they have extra special rights.

As well, it should be noted that the HDSB is now re-assigning Busty Lemieux to other schools in the district. While he started the school year at Oakville Trafalgar High School back in September, he was recently dispatched to Dr. Frank J. Hayden Secondary School in Burlington. There's video from that school that shows Busty Lemieux hobbling along a hallway with the help of crutches while wearing a boot-cast on his right foot.

Busty Lemieux on the move

Now why is the HDSB playing Wac-a-Mole with the busty one? Is it to take the heat off Oakville Trafalgar High School? You see, in the last several weeks, this school has been the subject of numerous bomb threats — all of which were proven to be thankfully bogus. Alas, I suspect it is only a matter of time before Dr. Frank J. Hayden Secondary School, unfortunately, receives phoned-in bomb threats too…

As well, one wonders how Lemieux presumably hurt his foot. Could it have been from a skydiving mishap? In late October, Lemieux went parachuting with an individual named Voodoo. Voodoo is self-described as “The conservative porn star skydiver.”

No, we’re not making this up, folks. And check out the ludicrous pics!

But wait a minute — I thought there was a photo ban regarding this publicity prostitute? So, do you get the feeling that Busty Lemieux never asked for the photo ban but this was self-generated by the HDSB? You know, to make this story go away.

What about a dress code for teachers?

Another development in recent weeks was that the HDSB took delivery of a staff report which looked at the possibility of implementing a dress code for its teachers. The answer: staff said it’s impossible to do so due to… potential liability?

But does that make any sense? There’s a dress code for students. There’s even, if you can believe it, a Halloween costume dress code.

In fact, this recommendation against a dress code for staffers is absolute rubbish according to respected labour lawyers Howard Levitt and Peter Carey.

Writing in the Financial Post, Levitt and Carey stated the following:

Even in a unionized environment, an employer always has the right to ensure that employees are appropriately attired. By appropriately, we mean in a fashion appropriate to the position and which does not alienate customers, other employees and others with whom they deal.

Why then is the Halton District School Board allowing this garish, sexualized, hyperbolic, provocative, in short, completely inappropriate attire? One has to conjecture that they are a victim of ‘wokeness.’ Because the teacher in question has self-identified as transgender, they are terrified to take appropriate action. If any of us went to work in costume or barefoot and generally unkempt, we would reasonably expect to be sent home, if not fired. If we argued that we did so as a presentation of a particular identity or even ‘gender identity,’ it would be no different as that is not a defence, contrary to what Halton would have you believe.

Let’s be clear: The Halton District School Board has the legal ability to insist that their teachers wear appropriate attire to school. They should do that in the present case. Not to do so actually creates a precedent and legally opens the door for further abuses.

The Halton District School Board is failing its students and its teachers in not dealing with such outrageous conduct.

But apparently the HDSB educrats know better than Canada’s top labour lawyers. Oh, they’re so smart, these Halton educrats. Just ask them.

‘Mammary Menzoid’ drives out the educrats

And while wokeness is driving the agenda, it is only up until a certain point. Oh, sure, the HDSB educrats are down with the radical transgender revolution — but only when students have to put up with such a freak show. Because when it comes to the HDSB educrats, when someone comes to their doorstep dressed in an identical fashion to Buisty Lemieux… well, that’s a little to vulgar for them. And so it is that the HDSB trustees and staff literally… ran away… Check it out:

Yep, see how they run.

Yet, while the HDSB continues to come across as a laughingstock the world over, here’s something that isn’t so funny: what if Lemieux is indeed a sexual pervert? What if he suffers from Autogynephilia, which is defined as a male's propensity to be sexually aroused by the thought of himself as a female?

While there is much speculation online that Lemieux is pranking the school board because he is allegedly anti-woke, I gotta be honest: I’m not so sure.

Protecting kids from a potential pervert

There's a photo that dates back before the current school year when Lemieux started coming to class as a drag queen. This pic was snapped at a Burlington theatre that was hosting a dance recital for little girls. This event was private; it was not open to the public. Yet, Lemieux allegedly snuck in during intermission and plopped himself in a front-row seat. Allegedly, he was in a state of arousal as he watched the little dancers, and how disturbing is that?

Unsurprisingly, many parents began taking amongst themselves, asking who is this person? And given Lemieux did not have a daughter at this recital, he was asked to leave. And he did so.

But how creepy, how gross is this? That a mature single male dresses up as a caricature of a woman and then sneaks into a private venue to watch little girls dance — and is apparently getting turned on by this?

So no, I don’t believe that pranking the board is Lemieux’s unspoken strategy. I think he’s a pervert.

‘If it’s trans its good and if it’s good it’s trans’

Yet, we live in a woke climate were perversion is merely an expression of diversity and where one of the mantras espoused by the progressives is, ‘if it’s trans its good and if it’s good it’s trans’. And that means the HDSB, strangled by its own political correctness, is powerless to take a stand for common decency. Shameful.

By the way, I reached out to trustee Dr. Margot Shuttleworth. She’s the one with the gavel who keeps telling me I’m out of order with my questions — well, at least back when I wasn’t threatened with being arrested for trespassing for attending HDSB meetings.

On tonight's show, you'll hear how our conversation went.

In any event, I know Dr. Shuttleworth thinks of herself as the Khaleesi of the HDSB. But it might come as a shock to her that she does NOT outrank the Minister of Education, Stephen Lecce.

Education Minister Stephen Lecce responds

And yesterday, Minister Lecce said the HDSB has NOT upheld expected professionalism standards in dealing with Mr. Lemieux.

In an iPolitics story, Lecce states the following:

I do continue to believe that the Halton (District) School Board, which is the employer, has an obligation to ensure that these classrooms are safe and respectful places to work. Teachers need to uphold, as I've noted, the highest professional standards when they're in front of children, and so I do not believe the board of administration has done so to date… Many families and communities have expressed concern with the management of this issue, and so we reaffirm our expectation with the school boards as employers that they act in the interest of children and they listen to the voices of families of the kids themselves at various schools and parents who want their kids to go to school, focused on learning, and not have to deal with threats of violence, lockdowns or incidents that are very distracting in any school environment.

Are you listening, Dr. Shuttleworth, someone who, I’ve been told, self-identifies as a horse tooth jackass? And how about you, HDSB Director of Education Curtis Ennis He/Him? Are you listening Mr. He/Him?

Again, to repeat the reminder issued via Minister Lecce yesterday: YOU are supposed to act in the interest of children and families, capeesh?

By the way, when it comes to families, these are also people who “identify” as taxpayers — in other words, the folks who pay YOUR salaries. A publicly-funded school board is not a private club dedicated to nonsensical wokeness. And you entitled educrats are not supposed to be the champion of a man who just might be a sexual pervert due entirely ideology so far left that it resembles Marxism.

In the days ahead, we will see if the HDSB even gives Minister Lecce the courtesy of a response. Or, hey, maybe they’ll call the cops on Lecce… I mean, we all know how sensitive these school board geniuses are when it comes to criticism.

But as always, hope abounds.

Protect The Students

For starters, we are crowdfunding the $4,000 fee the HDSB is demanding we pay in order to fulfill our access to information request. We want to see all the files pertaining to Lemieux. We want to see what the HDSB is hiding from parents. If you’d like to chip in, please go to

As well, in response to the circus sideshow that is the Busty Lemieux fiasco, a group of parents in Halton region have formed an organization called Students First Ontario. This group has a four-pronged mission statement:

  1. Students’ interest must come first;
  2. Parents’ voices matter;
  3. Teachers must act and dress professionally;
  4. A commitment to open inquiry, transparency, and accountability in education.

Yeah, I know: what a bunch of radicals, right?

Anyway, I spoke to the organizer, Celina Close, and she told me there are now some 300 parents who are part of this group. As well, the organization has retained a lawyer. So, if the HDSB wants to play hardball and they want to go all-in when it comes to protecting someone who might very well be a sexual pervert, then so be it: the HDSB in the months ahead can tell it to the judge.

It looks like finally mama bear has woken up. And you know what? She is mightily pissed-off.

GUEST: Franco Terrazzano of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (@franco_nomics) to speak on the Trudeau Liberal's 2023 New Year tax changes.

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