The public may be getting sick of the Hamas hate marches but Trudeau isn't

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Tonight, the public is getting sick of the Hamas hate marches — but not Trudeau.

There’s a new poll out about the mayor of Calgary, the hard left-wing Jyoti Gondek. One of the very first things she did after becoming mayor of Calgary — a city built on the oil and gas industry — was to declare a "climate emergency." That — not taxes or Calgary’s homelessness problem or unemployment or violence on the streets — was her top priority.

It has gone from bad to worse. She has brought in laws that are surely unconstitutional and banned peaceful protests against transgenderism. The other day, police arrested two men for having a private conversation about transgenderism. The charges were later dropped, but only after lawyers from The Democracy Fund got involved.

She has been hated by Calgarians since the day she was elected and even more since the Hanukkah event debacle.

The community menorah lighting ceremony has been a Calgary tradition going back a generation, and it is about as innocuous as can be; it's like lighting Christmas lights on a Christmas tree but with a Jewish candelabra.

Gondek refused to go. When the Jewish community leaders asked her to reject it quietly, she did the opposite: she put out a press release denouncing the menorah lighting as a political statement in support of Israel and against Hamas.

She did the math: Calgary has maybe 10,000 Jews in it but more than 100,000 Muslims.

A lot of politicians are doing that math. People can see it, and they don’t like it.

This new poll captures in part the public reaction to Gondek's antisemitic boycott of the menorah lighting ceremony: Calgarians disapprove of her by more than a two-to-one margin.

Gondek and Trudeau are a lot alike. Trudeau is also willing to put up with antisemitism and support terrorism if it means he'll win. 

But as the Hamas hate marches continue in cities across Canada, week after week, Canadians are beginning to notice. They notice the terrorist paraphernalia and flags and see blocked roads and bridges in places like Toronto and Montreal. Just this week, Hamas supporters stormed into a mall, shouting threats of murder at terrified Christmas shoppers.

Canadians don't like that.

And so, when they’re asked about Islam, 43% think it’s a negative force.

That is not preferable for anyone, least of all Canadian Muslims, who see that the face of the Muslim community is becoming these masked thugs and that their voice is now threats shouted in an Arabic accent.

But Trudeau loves it. He loves his plan to bring in 1.6 million migrants this year — a million more Liberal voters.

The people are expressing their discontent in these polls. The time has come for political entrepreneurs to get ahead of it and call for a reduction of mass immigration, especially from immigrants who do not share Canadian values of peace, freedom, and pluralism.

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