Time to reflect on another big year: Thoughts from Rebel News’ world headquarters

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It's that time of year when I'm drawn to reflect on what an amazing year it has been and look forward to what lies ahead in 2023. Here's some thoughts from Rebel News’ world headquarters. 

  1. We always publish on holidays and Christmas. We've been working on doing a bunch of shows in advance, including some great long-form interviews to keep you engaged over the break.
  2. There are some really exciting things afoot. You've seen our reports from Russia as well as our Rebel Border Reports and we will be going back to Davos next month — I’ll be there!
  3. We work for our own validation, and for your support. But it’s nice to be recognized by leaders in the industry. In just the last week: Jeremy Loffredo has been on Tucker, Sheila Gunn Reid on Ingraham and Glenn Beck, David Menzies on Tucker and Katie Daviscourt tonight on Tucker.
  4. It’s the year end, so a good time for a year in review. A year ago, there was not much hope — flight bans, vaccine passports, police brutality and Kenney, Erin O’Toole and Doug Ford were conservatives. No Ron DeSantis up here. And Justin Trudeau was re-elected ... they were dark times. Our Christmas Party felt like an underground resistance. Battle of Britain odds, 23 days working straight in Ottawa and nine days in Coutts.
  5. Now, back to freedom. How? Truckers, public uprising, conservatives taking back their parties and Rebel News had a role.
  6. We created The Democracy Fund in 2021 and it really grew it in 2022, including eight legal staff. From Artur Pawlowski to 2,100 cases, court intervener status, emergencies act inquiry. We covered that inquiry on the Rebel News side too.
  7. The Rebel News team doubled in size. Settled at around 50 staff. We forged in the battle with principled non-conformists.
  8. What is 2023 looking like? Well, it's risky. The Alberta election and possibly a federal election. The Media Party is worse than ever, calling for the police to silence their critics, like Rachel Gilmore did. Censorship bills so bad even Facebook is balking.
  9. How do we measure success? Views — billions, 400m in February alone! We also take pride in our activism — petitions, crowdfunding for causes as well as breaking stories that matter and holding conservatives to account (that’s why they’re uneasy about us).
  10. I get lots of positive feedback — e.g. Air Canada, on the street and even in Melbourne, Australia. But how the bad guys hate us tells me everything. They denounce us, attack us — and the competition is silent.
  11. We tell the other side of the story. And once in a while, we stop to try to make a difference.

We turn eight years old in February. Hard to imagine where we came from. Thanks to our team and thanks to you, our viewers.

GUEST: Katie Daviscourt

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