Is there still hope for peace? Joel Pollak discusses Israel and the Middle East with Ezra Levant

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Tonight, an interview with Breitbart senior editor, Joel Pollak, on the state of Israel and antisemitism around the world.

Just a few months ago, Rebel News held the 'Abraham Accords' journalistic mission to Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This involved spending a week in Israel, three or four days in the UAE, and going to cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The Abraham Accords is what Donald Trump dubbed his peace plan for the Middle East - Abraham is a shared patriarch in Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

It was an amazing trip educational and very fun and it left many feeling very hopeful. The genuine friendship displayed by the United Arab Emirates toward not just Israel but also the Jewish people was moving. There was a Holocaust museum in Dubai run by a local Emirati, and a complex in Abu Dhabi where the government created three, almost identical religious houses of worship: a Muslim mosque, a Catholic church and a Jewish synagogue, all three of which are actively used. There was a sense for the first time that maybe the age-old dispute between Jews and Arabs could be solved at last.

A few short weeks after that, on October 7th, Hamas launched a barbaric attack on Israel, targeting civilians, taking women and children hostage back to Gaza, and live-streaming their brutality. Around the world, it was like a starter pistol for anti-Semitic hate.

There was someone on that Israel trip who was not a Rebel but rather one of the celebrity guests: Joel Pollak, the senior editor of He witnessed the healing and hope that seemed just on the horizon, followed by the visceral attacks and outpouring of hatred, and he's been reporting on the war ever since it began.

GUEST: Joel Pollak, senior editor-at-large of

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