Face masks, lockdowns and no play-dates for his kids: what pushed David Freiheit to leave Canada

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You'll recognize him for his big hair and you'll love him for his legal views on freedom. Tonight, we bring you a feature interview with David Freiheit, better known as “Viva Frei”.

During the darkest moments of the lockdown, a lot of people said ‘Ezra, why don't you leave? Why don't you go to Florida, land of the free, home of the brave. Why don't you go somewhere where they're not locking us down and where soft creeping totalitarianism is not the new national identity?’

And a lot of other freedom-oriented people were, especially people who had jobs that they could move with them. Obviously, if you run a restaurant or a bar or an establishment you are stuck with that establisment. If you're a miner in a coal mine, you can't move the mine with you.

But these days, in our information economy, I mean, a TV show — I'm in front of a green screen. I happen to be in Toronto, Canada, but really if I were in Miami, would you know the difference?

My answer then was: I feel compelled to stay and fight. I felt like the battle against the lockdowns was something I had a duty — I felt like I had to be the last man going down with the ship.

But I should tell you, that a number of our teammates who don't have a job description that requires them to be in this city or that city, they chose to move to Florida. Our accountant moved to Florida, I still talk to him on Zoom and by phone all the time.

Our social media boss, he could do the job from anywhere in the world. He was just sick of living particularly in Montreal, the city of curfews. You might remember him, Yanky Pollak. He would go out in the streets filming the curfew and the police cracking down on anyone — sick or healthy, vaxxed or unvaxxed — who dared to go out in the streets. He had enough and he moved, and he's happy about it.

Well, I stayed and fought. But there was a great freedom-oriented video blogger, a vlogger if you will, who, I think, painfully considered this issue because has deep roots in Canada. He loves Canada, but how much does he have to suffer for that love? I mean, he's a man who cares about the world beyond our borders as well.

And so, I'm talking to one of my favourite Canadians now, and it hurts me but I understand why that I'm talking to him and he's in Boca Raton, Florida. Now, part of the reason it hurts me is it's so bloody cold up here and it's warm down there.

Let me introduce to you my friend, David “Viva Frei” Freiheit. You can see more from Viva Frei by following him on Twitter or subscribing to his Rumble channel.

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