Ezra Levant breaks down Rebel's Canadian pro-Israel coverage

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Tonight, Ezra recaps the best of Rebel's Canadian pro-Israel coverage, including Rex Murphy's exhilarating speech from Parliament Hill today.

"So many have attempted to erase that day," said Canadian journalist Rex Murphy on Monday. "'Oh, we want a truce.' You had a truce the day before!"

"And now when you slaughter, rape, torture, and kill, you want a holiday?" he said of calls for a prolonged ceasefire. "This is unbelievable!"

Murphy called antisemitism "corrosive" and "demonic," with no basis in the modern world.

He referred to the Jewish state of Israel as a "genuine democracy" and "an eagle flying on the most tumultuous winds."  

Murphy concluded that "the people who should support you are not here," referencing the leaders of all House parties.

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