Canada stands with Israel — not the cowardly Trudeau Liberals

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On Monday, Ezra interviewed Canadians from coast-to-coast-to-coast in support of justice for the victims of Hamas terror. Thousands marched in solidarity with Israel against Hamas on Parliament Hill.

In an atrocious and petty display of antisemitism, a bus company chartered to bring people from Toronto failed to show up and refused to answer phone calls, leaving hundreds stranded. But that failed to deter Canadians from having their voices heard.

Gentiles, Jews, and Persians alike came out in force to support the Jewish state and her people following the horrific acts of Hamas terror that left more than 1,200 Jews and foreign nationals dead on October 7.

"So many have attempted to erase that day," said Canadian journalist Rex Murphy. "'Oh, we want a truce.' You had a truce the day before!"

"And now when you slaughter, rape, torture, and kill, you want a holiday?" he said of calls for a prolonged ceasefire. "This is unbelievable!"

Murphy called antisemitism "corrosive" and "demonic," with no basis in the modern world.

He referred to the Jewish state of Israel as a "genuine democracy" and "an eagle flying on the most tumultuous winds," before concluding that elected representative from the government did not attend.

But among the attendees is Conservative MP Melissa Landsman, a fellow Jewish-Canadian besides herself over the notable absence of Jewish Liberal MPs.

Family members of the October 7 victims also attended in solidarity with their brethren.

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