More government-funded disinformation, smearing the truckers

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The last release in the ongoing Twitter Files saga revealed that Pfizer board member Scott Gottlieb leaned on Twitter to censor tweets which argued against vaccine passports and claimed natural immunity was stronger than the shot.

But you won't see anything on CBC about that. The media party is far too busy hunting down "misinformation" while big tech enforces the censorship orders on social media.

But what about the actual disinformation that's part of the televised news bulletin or between the pages of the press? What about the harmful lies that were spread from the "trusted sources"? and how many people unnecessarily took the jab, how many people panicked?

Throughout the Trucker Commission, we saw the disinformation regime in action, lying about seizing children and pets and terrorizing all donors.

Disinformation exists, but most of the time it’s just skepticism or dissent — a different opinion.

And what about all of those "conspiracy theories" the disinformation warriors keep warning us about? How many of those turned out to be true?

The current vaccines are not infection blocking, they’re not broad and they have very short duration. Well, do you remember my question about the changing efficacy and transmissibility?

The establishment loves vaccines. And they hate the truckers, because the truckers were against forced vaccines. And the new official message track of course, for the past year, is the Ukraine war and Vladimir Putin. So the perfect storm was connecting all three, like the CBC did.

Well that was an embarrassing joke. Even the CBC admitted it was sloppy, even for them. Their hand-picked ombudsman wrote a long justification of it, but said: "I did, though, come away from my review with some broader concerns. I am disappointed that it took others to point out to CBC that the question was “off” - it should have been caught before broadcast. I am also disappointed that programmers were not more sensitive in advance to the perils of speculating on subjects such as the convoy, or Russian interference in Canadian affairs.”

Yeah, no. The CBC lied. It took them the better part of a year to half-own up to it. And they promoted the liar.

Which brings us to today. The Pfizer lies are enormous — a hundred billion dollars turned on them. The CBC lies are just huge — smear the truckers, the first real opposition to Trudeau in nearly a decade. But what is the biggest lying machine in Canada? Our universities, of course. Partly because they’re leftists. Partly because they’re funded by Trudeau. He’s colonized academia, just like he’s colonized the media.

Disinformation, fact-checks, censorship — it’s all an attempt to control you, gaslight you, lie to you, propagandize you. You might even say, it’s a bit of a Soviet thing to do.

GUEST: Lawyer Jenin Younes

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