Homelessness is up, and the poverty consultants are cashing in all their chips

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Medical killing isn't the only misery ballooning under Trudeau. Homelessness is on the rise in Canada, along with spending on homelessness consultants.

Since February 2020, homelessness is up 40% in Canada, according to Statistics Canada.

"Financial challenges are the leading cause of homelessness," reads the report Homelessness: How does it happen?

Analysts write that housing became more unaffordable following the onset of the COVID pandemic. Combined with higher unemployment, fewer job vacancies, and surging inflation in the following years, the typical costs for essential goods and services rose considerably. StatsCan says these factors continue to place heavy financial burdens on households across Canada.

"In the fall of 2022, almost half (44.0%) of Canadians were very concerned with their household’s ability to afford housing or rent. So, it comes as no surprise that the most reported reason leading to homelessness was financial issues (41.8%)," it said.

Victims of abuse may have nowhere to go because of Trudeau's Liberal government.

According to the same report, abusive households heighten the risk of homelessness in Canada, rising for the fifth consecutive year in 2021. Women and girls account for two-thirds of the victims.

"Relationship issues (36.9%) was the second leading factor driving Canadians into homelessness. A related driver was fleeing abuse (13.3%)—a common pathway into homelessness for many, but four times more likely for women than for men (20.9% vs 5.2%)," reads Homelessness.

"When looking at absolute homelessness exclusively, these figures double — with just over two in five women (40.4%) reporting absolute homelessness at some point as a result of fleeing abuse, compared with 12.1% of men," it adds.

And like every problem in Liberal land, Trudeau knows the solution. Line the pockets of rich consultants to tell us the problems are something other than what we know them to be: easily predictable outcomes of bad government policies.

According to Blacklock's Reporter, a federal homeless relief program paid millions to consultants. Overall spending on consultants jumped 13% last year despite Ottawa's pledge to cut spending on consultants.

An Inquiry Of Ministry tabled in the Commons disclosed $2.8 million in consultant fees by the Department of Infrastructure, under the 2019 Reaching Home program. The grant program to reduce homeless rates is budgeted at $4 billion over nine years.

Homelessness? According to the Liberals, it needs more consultants instead of bail reform, drug treatment not enabling, more mental health supports, fewer taxes, more housing starts and a pause in immigration to take the strain off the housing supply.

But, instead, we get more of the same. While the middle class languishes, consultants get richer. And you get poorer.

GUEST: Rebel News video journalist Alexa Lavoie on her reporting mission at the Texas and Mexico border.

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