Federal Court orders three more Liberal cabinet ministers to unblock Rebel News journalists on Twitter

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Three more Liberal cabinet ministers must unblock Rebel News journalists on Twitter, according to a Federal Court ruling. They must also reimburse the media company partially for their legal costs on the matter.

Last year, Rebel News enjoyed a legal victory over Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault. Begrudgingly, he paid us $20,000 for blocking our reporters.

The legal consequences are now clear as day for government officials blocking private citizens from accessing their government Twitter feeds.

The Federal Court of Canada has since ordered another three cabinet ministers to unblock Rebel News reporters on Twitter and to pay us $1,750 in legal costs.

Despite setting the legal precedence, three of Guilbeault's colleagues decided to follow suit. 

Marci Ien — the former CTV teleprompter reader from CTV turned Liberal MP 

Karina Gould — the former Liberal House leader who posed for a selfie with Yaroslav Hunka, the Nazi SS officer who disgraced Parliament. 

And Ya’ara Saks — the MP who claimed Canadian truckers honking is a euphemism for saluting a certain German tyrant.

GUEST: Franco Terrazzano, Federal Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, on the Trudeau Liberals lavish cabinet retreat for "affordability" that cost nearly half a million dollars.

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