NDP MP introduces bill to make pro-fossil fuel talk illegal

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Charlie Angus is one of the longest-serving MPs in Parliament — he’s been there 20 years, spreading kooky ideas to the masses in Parliament. But none more puzzling than Bill C-372, An Act respecting fossil fuel advertising.

Tonight, Ezra Levant discusses the NDP and their next kooky idea on saving Canada from the climate apocalypse.

Although private members bills are rarely introduced — with even fewer ever to pass — they are often ways to introduce unpopular ideas and build public sentiment over time.

What is radical today is simply edgy tomorrow. And before long, it becomes conventional wisdom. Then law.

Bill C-372 paints 'climate change' as this, unprecedented, existential threat that will doom humanity before industry can table meaningful solutions.

Angus contends we must use federal criminal law to protect the environment. They want to criminalize dissent!

Often times, NDP ideas are taken up by their government colleagues from the Liberal Party, who normalize the extreme. Trudeau does that a lot, actually.

According to the Government of Canada, international climate commitments are needed to save us from ourselves. Apparently, carbon neutrality can only become reality by replacing fossil fuel consumption with solar panels and wind turbines.

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