Is Canada broken? Debating the nation's state with Manny Montenegrino

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On tonight's Ezra Levant Show, Ezra is joined by guest Manny Montenegrino, CEO and President of ThinkSharp Inc, and co-host of the MapleBased podcast, for an in-depth conversation on the state of Canada and whether it can be considered "broken".

The topic was sparked by recent statements made by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who has described the country as "deeply genocidal" and full of flaws such as racism and sexism. However, these remarks are often made when speaking to foreign press, leading some to question the sincerity of his words.

In the show, the pair discuss how opposition leader, Pierre Poilievre, who has claimed that while the country may not be broken, the government certainly is. The government's inability to effectively handle tasks such as running the airports or the border, points to a broken system rather than a broken country.

The conversation then shifted to the idea of patriotism and whether criticizing the government means criticizing the country as a whole. Manny stated that the two are not the same and that pointing out the flaws and failures of the government is important in order to effect change and improve the country.

Throughout the show, they discuss various aspects of Canadian society, including immigration policies and political correctness, offering unique perspectives and insights on the current state of the country.

Whether Canada can be considered "broken" or not remains a topic of debate, but one thing is for sure, a thorough examination of the country's strengths and weaknesses is essential in order to bring about positive change.

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