Israel closes in on final Hamas stronghold in Gaza — so naturally the Trudeau Liberals want a ceasefire

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Hamas terrorists openly endorse the evils of Nazi ideology — and their supporters in the West love it.

Tonight, Ezra Levant condemns the depravity of Hamas, even as Canada continues to play both sides.

Israeli special forces secured two more of its citizens over the weekend in the Gaza Strip. Fernando Simon Marman and Norberto Louis Har are among the 240 people taken hostage by the Islamic terror group on October 7.

Often characterized as the Jewish 9/11, more than 1,200 Israelis were butchered on that ill-fated day — many of whom were young women, dancing at an outdoor concert not far from the Gaza Strip. 

"We are deeply concerned by reports of an Israeli military operation in Rafah," claimed Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly. "It would have [a] devastating impact, putting the lives of Palestinians and foreign nationals, including Canadians, seeking refuge in grave danger and making the vital delivery of humanitarian aid dangerous," she added.

"We continue our call for the protection of civilians, for the release of hostages, for urgent efforts toward a sustainable ceasefire and for increased humanitarian aid."

Imagine telling Russia, after suffering more casualties than any other country in the Second World War, you’ve got to stop at the outskirts of Berlin.

Don’t enter the city. And definitely don’t go to Hitler’s bunker. No. Time for a ceasefire. Negotiate with the remnants of the Nazis.

Last month, Five Canadian MPs embarked on a week-long crusade to the West Bank in solidarity with Palestinians and progressive groups sympathetic to the plight of Gazans. Liberal MPs Salma Zahid and Shafqat Ali were among the dignitaries who travelled abroad.

A split within the Liberal caucus emerged after the party backed a UN resolution in December demanding an end to hostilities between Israel and Hamas. Two dozen Liberal MPs signed a letter spearheaded by Zahid to demand a ceasefire last October.

The pressure led to a ceasefire vote at the UN General Assembly before the new year, after some Muslim donors ceased their support for the Liberal Party.

GUEST: Ezra Levant's guest segment with Alex Jones.

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