The sway of the next U.S. presidential election will determine Trudeau's fate as Canada's leader

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Tonight, Ezra has a longform interview with Ben Weingarten, senior editor at Real Clear Investigationson the latest in U.S. politics.

According to the latest polls, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is increasingly unpopular with voters, while former U.S. President Donald Trump is on the rise.

Whether it be Trudeau's "illegal" invocation of the Emergencies Act, his record immigration quotas, or unwillingness to meet NATO spending targets, Trudeau is on the outs, and he knows it.

Moreover, it's fair to say the future of our country may be determined by the upcoming U.S. Presidential election, and its ensuing sway on our politics.

The Democrats betting all their marbles on the obtuse U.S. President Joe Biden may bring about their demise this November.

From Biden's mishandling of classified documents to his family's international influence peddling scheme, and the outright failure of Bidenomics, the next wave of American exceptionalism may come in the form of another Trump presidency.

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