Trudeau's green policies leave little kids stranded in the cold

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Tonight, guest host Sheila Gunn Reid nose dives into Canada's fraudulent green scheme that leaves little kids stranded during the winter season.

We're next if the Liberals get their net zero way with us.

Three years ago, the P.E.I. government brought in 100 new electric school buses, converting one third of the fleet to the green agenda. And now, three years on, the problems with green transportation are apparent.

At any given time up to 20% of the buses are in the shop.

Robert Geiss, president of CUPE Local 1145, which represents school bus drivers on the Island, told CBC News he believes the provincial government rushed into buying the new buses — and now students and drivers are paying the price. This isn't a new problem.

The City of Edmonton just launched an 82-million-dollar lawsuit against Proterra, California-based company that sold the city electric buses, complaining of mechanical issues and promises of long driving ranges that never manifested.

And this is the same fate the Liberals want for the rest of us, with a mandate of all new net zero vehicle sales in Canada by 2035.

Stranded in the cold while Freeland speeds by in her limo and her security detail in tow.

GUEST: Marc Morano, publisher of speaks on the success of the farmers' protest after the EU removed 'green regulations' that sparked civil unrest.

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