The fine line between access and antagonism: An interview with Andrew Lawton

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Andrew Lawton shares his experience covering the World Economic Forum in a recent interview with Ezra Levant. As an accredited journalist, Lawton had the opportunity to speak with high-profile figures and ask tough questions.

Levant and Lawton discuss the challenges of balancing access with journalistic integrity, and Lawton shares his favorite interview with the head of Ofcom, which has relevance beyond the UK.

In January 2023, True North journalist Andrew Lawton attended the World Economic Forum as an accredited journalist, giving him access to VIP areas and high-profile figures. Lawton's experience covering the conference is a fascinating example of the balance between access and journalistic integrity.

Lawton discussed his time at the conference, and Levant shared his own experiences covering the event. One of the challenges of attending the conference as an accredited journalist was following the guidelines that were in place. Lawton noted that there were many rules regarding where journalists could go and what they could record, but none of the guidelines focused on content. Lawton was committed to doing his job and asking tough questions, even in VIP areas where he was not supposed to record.

Despite these restrictions, Lawton managed to conduct several interviews with high-profile figures, including the head of Ofcom, Dame Melanie Dawes. He found this interview to be one of the most substantive and relevant to audiences beyond the UK. Ofcom is Britain's CRTC and Britain is currently going through something similar to what is happening in Canada with Bill C-11, which seeks to expand the authority of the broadcast regulator to include the internet.

Lawton's experiences at the World Economic Forum demonstrate the importance of having journalists on the ground to cover important events and ask tough questions. As media organizations continue to face challenges in the digital age, it is essential that journalists maintain their independence and commitment to the truth. Lawton's commitment to doing his job and asking tough questions is a reminder that journalists play a critical role in holding powerful figures accountable.

GUEST: Andrew Lawton, senior journalist True North.

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