Trudeau's pathological lying disrespects Canadians and our society's trust

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De minimis non curat lex, ultra vires, and mens rea are just a few Latin phrases that the legal system uses to denote critical legal concepts. One Latin phrase, however, stands out above the rest - falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus - false in one thing, false in everything.

This phrase perfectly describes Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who, at his core, is a pathological liar. While some lies might be necessary in government, lying casually or frequently creates a high-risk society that does not trust each other. Trudeau's dishonesty makes him unworthy of respect and moral equal.

During the Black Lives Matter protests, Trudeau's photo, dressed up in blackface, emerged, and he lost count of how many times he wore it. It's hard to fathom a man who dressed up in blackface repeatedly, now calling others racists. Furthermore, when Rose Knight, a journalist, accused Trudeau of sexually assaulting her, he called her a liar, making it even more challenging to trust him.

Trudeau divides people into two categories, people who support him and evil people who disagree with him. He neither recognizes nor respects anyone as an equal — all that matters is how one fits into his plans. He might flatter and use clever words to make people feel at ease but this is part of his tricks as a pathological liar.

Then there's this lie from almost 18 months ago now. It’s documented in hundreds of pages of access to information documents. It shows Trudeau skipping the first Truth and Reconciliation Day holiday and instead going surfing in Tofino. 

Do you remember that?

This goes to Trudeau’s predatory lies — he’ll be a male feminist until he can get a woman alone in the dark and then he’ll sexually assault her, like he did to Rose Knight. He’ll go on TV to tell you how much he deeply cares about Indigenous reconciliation. And then as soon as the cameras are off, he’ll say, let’s get out of here — I want to go surfing, not doing this boring stuff.

It is essential to recognize the importance of a high trust society that depends on honesty. In our legal system, lying can lead to severe consequences, including perjury and fraud. The legal system uses Latin to emphasize the importance of these concepts. While this Latin might be to impress non-lawyers, it reminds us that honesty is critical.

Our society depends on trust, and we have to make sure that we do not live in a low trust society where it is hard to make friends, travel, or even walk alone on the streets. Trusting one another is the foundation of our society and we cannot afford to lose it. It has taken us centuries, if not millennia, to learn to trust one another.

Trudeau's lies are damaging our society's trust, and this is dangerous. Trust is a fragile concept, and it is hard to restore once it is broken. He treats us like pawns, using lies to advance his agenda. If you disagree with him, he calls you evil, not just wrong. This kind of language divides us and creates tension among Canadians.

Canada deserves better than a leader who lies and disrespects us. We deserve a leader who is honest, transparent, and worthy of respect. We need a leader who will unite us and build trust among us. In conclusion, Trudeau's lies are pathological, and this makes him unworthy of our respect. We need a leader who will prioritize the truth and build trust among Canadians.

GUEST:  Franco Terrazzano discusses the number of state broadcaster (CBC) employees earning six-figures doubling under PM Trudeau.

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