Rebel reports live from Lethbridge to cover the 'Coutts Three' trial

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Tonight, Ezra Levant hosts at the Lethbridge, Alberta courthouse to cover the pre-trial hearings of the "Coutts Three."

Not to be confused by the "Coutts Four," Marco Van Huigenbos, Alex Van Herk and George Janzen served as part of the "trucker's council" — an ad hoc governance group for the Coutts border blockade two years ago.

All three stand trial after being charged with non-violent crimes at the same blockade, and they could not be more different.

Although they’re each local men, community men, two of the accused aren’t even truckers — they’re simply concerned citizens who decided to take a peaceful stand again an authoritarian government.

Contrary to popular opinion and misleading government narratives, judicial reviews ruled that all the Convoy arrests appeared to be for "minor offences," except for several made in Coutts, Alberta. The "Coutts Three" are among them, as each face various mischief-related charges of over $5,000.

Van Huigenbos told CBC News last January that an "extreme element" infiltrated the movement, causing many at Coutts to "peacefully leave and return to their families."

The former Fort Macleod city councillor testified at the Emergencies Act inquiry the year prior, where he told the commission the discovery of weapons tainted the movement. "For me, it became very clear that every objective we were looking to achieve was no longer possible and our message had been lost." 

Justice Centre lawyer Hatim Kheir confirmed the blockades in Coutts and Windsor immediately cleared upon learning weapons had been present — before the Emergencies Act had been invoked.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau controversially invoked the Emergencies Act on February 14, 2022, to squash protest against his COVID tyranny. 

The Federal Court of Canada ruled last month against the federal government and their "unconstitutional" use of martial law. Government lawyers filed an appeal Thursday against the court decision.

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