Trudeau can't help himself — it's either more censorship or bust for the CRTC

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Tonight, Rebel News chief editor Sheila Gunn Reid interviews Ezra Levant on the Trudeau Liberals' plot to censor dissenting journalists.

It might be 2024 but the Liberals are up to their same old antics. Hell bent on controlling the narrative, Ottawa will do whatever it takes to censor its critics.

Bill C-18, the Online News Act, is nothing more than a costly shake down of tech behemoths. Paying producers for sharing news content on social media is like the newspaper company getting paid by the paperboy because the paperboy delivered the daily edition to your house.

They're the vehicle for delivery and until now they've delivered for free. Now, they must subsidize failed mainstream media companies who still receive taxpayer handouts worth millions.

To make matters worse, the Trudeau Liberals want to tighten their grip on independent journalists to start the new year.

The federal government is now calling for the creation of a code of conduct directed at Canada's newsrooms. If successful, it will expand the CRTC's regulation of the internet — sending the true north, strong and free down the dystopian rabbit hole of 1984.

"The CRTC may regulate the following areas: Creation of a code of conduct (and) a complaint process pertaining to how groups of eligible news businesses are to be structured and their conduct under the Act," reported Blacklock's Reporter.

The government will use the carrot of cash after using the stick of cutting off ad revenue to media companies after its attempts to shake down social media companies for media bailouts under C-18, it says.

Unlike Google, Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has decided to cut off Canadians rather than pay Trudeau's extortion fee. This caused site traffic and ad revenues to plummet for the mainstream media.

With media companies already hurting because of C-18, expect the noose to tighten further with the CRTC's yet-to-be-drafted "code of conduct."

See? The stick first, then the carrot.

Worse yet, Conservative Senator Pamela Wallin, a former journalist herself, says she knows the PMO is in constant contact with the upper echelons of the CRTC. They aren't even trying to feign independence.

GUEST: Ezra Levant, Rebel News publisher and Rebel Commander.
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