A new scientific study shows that the vaccine can alter women’s menstrual cycles. Is that newsworthy?

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You know, as a rule, I think there are some things that men shouldn’t do, and talking about menstruation is one of them.

But I’m going to, even though it’s like me walking into the perfume section of a department store.

All joking aside, this is troubling. Just type in menstruation and vaccine into Google, and click the news tab.

I’ll read a bit from this CTV story:

COVID-19 vaccine may affect menstrual cycle length, study finds

People who received one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine during a menstrual cycle had an increase in cycle length of nearly one day compared to those who were unvaccinated, according to a new study.

The increase in cycle length, a longer time between bleeding, did not result in any change in the number of days of menses, or days of bleeding.

Menstrual cycles typically vary from month to month, the researchers note, and the observed increase was well within the range of normal variability, which is eight days.

But you know, if you keep scrolling down, you find this story from Reuters, from November 2020 — not even two months ago:

Vaccines not linked to menstrual changes; COVID, flu shots can go together

No link seen between vaccines and menstrual changes

Many women have reported noticing changes in their menstrual cycle after being vaccinated against COVID-19 but a new study of 1,273 women in the UK found no correlation”

So that was literally 50 days ago. Today a study says the opposite. You know what? This is normal — for experimental drugs that are still undergoing clinical trials. Which these emergency use authorization vaccines are. It’s completely not normal to have drugs with these side-effects being tested on millions of people — effectively turning everyone into a Big Pharma guinea pig.

I can assure you, not a single woman or girl was advised of this side-effect. Because it was, apparently, just discovered. And that’s trusting that Big Pharma didn’t know about it but decided to keep it hidden.

I don’t know how worried women should be about this. It seems to me that if you’re messing with reproductive health, you should be careful.

Uncomfortable topic for a guy to discuss. But I’m worried about it enough that I’ll say the word menstruation, which no man should really ever say.

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