Toronto police punished peaceful Canadians during COVID, yet ignore pro-Hamas hate marches

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Tonight, Ezra Levant delves into some of the worst policing he has seen in recent memory, courtesy of the Toronto Police Service. 

During the Freedom Convoy, the City of Toronto deployed dozens of police officers to shut down Adam Skelly's restaurant in contravention of COVID lockdown orders. They carried out a mandate so punitive that selling sandwiches became a crime.

Prominent freedom advocate, Tamara Lich, served nearly two months in prison on one count of mischief. Her crime? Organizing a peaceful protest to condemn Canada's unbridled police state.

Fast forward a couple years later: abrasive foreigners are rallying to support extremists at our expense.

Hamas sympathizers united under the banner of Islamo-fascism. They stormed our streets, disrupted traffic, and harassed unsuspecting Canadians at shopping centres and ice rinks.

Even in the presence of death threats, Toronto Police remained docile. They protected these same agitators for political expediency. Here's a cup of coffee, they say: It's on the house!

Despite repeated derelictions of the Criminal Code, anti-Israel protestors continue to masquerade as human rights defenders to play victim, cleverly employing euphemisms to hide their intent. Their anti-Semitic boycotts, similar to the COVID lockdowns, punished the working class in more ways than one.

If you don't blindly support their cause, then you, the average Joe, are complicit in genocide.

Those who dared speak out faced their wrath. And what did the police do? Nothing.

No charges were delivered, and no arrests have been made. Welcome to Canada — the capital of woke two-tier policing.

GUEST: Franco Terrazzano, Federal Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, discusses the Trudeau Liberals $500,000 expense for a glitzy bureaucrat gala.
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