Prepping for the WEF summit in Davos with Dr. James Lindsay

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Tonight's show is important because this is my last show before I depart for the World Economic Forum. Avi Yemini, our star from Australia, is already there. We're brining in two Brits as well. Calvin Robinson from GB News and our young reporter Callum Smiles. In addition to our on-air talent, we'll have three producers and cameramen for a total complement of, I think, seven or eight people 

I think, seven or eight people — and we're going economy class all the way, of course, including sharing one big Airbnb. That's in stark contrast to the billionaire style of the oligarchs meeting there.

Our purpose is to ask inappropriate, illegal, disobedient and contrarian questions. I should tell you, we've seen the guest list of Davos for the the World Economic Forum, and there are plenty of journalists who are officially registered, but they're registered not as outside observers but as insider participants.

They're part of the elites. They will not expose what's going on inside — just the opposite. They'll be getting their marching orders. They'll be learning what the new narrative, the official latest thing is.

So what should we be looking out for? What kind of questions should we be thinking of? What do we do if we catch a VIP on the streets of Davos and have only 30 or 60 seconds to buttonhole them before they scurry away into one of their limos?

I can think of a handful of intellectuals in the West who I would trust to be skeptical. Too many intellectuals want to be invited to Davos, but one man who will never be invited, I can guarantee you, is our guest today. His name is Dr. James Lindsay.

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