The University of Toronto is a cesspool of 'misinformation'

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Tonight, Sheila Gunn Reid guest hosts the Ezra Levant Show, diving deep into the 'misinformation' dung heap that is the University of Toronto.

The once beloved post-secondary institute earned a one-year federal contract to examine 'misinformation and news consumption in Canada.' 

As of writing, the Trudeau Liberals have dumped over $30 million into the Digital Citizen Initiative, a study aimed at massaging the ego of 'big daddy' government and assessing what it considers harmful 'misinformation' online.

The University of Toronto is embarking on a mission to investigate the primary drivers of 'misinformation' in Canada.

"The Canadian Digital Media Research Network’s (CDMRN) mission is to protect and build resilience within the Canadian information ecosystem by investigating how information is produced, shared, and consumed across all mediums," reads the preamble.

"This survey project is led by an academic team of researchers at the Policy, Elections, and Representation Lab at the University of Toronto," it adds.

But researchers need not look further than the front steps of Ottawa to uncover a vast network of 'misinformation' plaguing Canadians.

The Trudeau Liberals have frequently misled the public, and quite possibly themselves, on the content of their own legislation.

Their gun 'buyback' scheme is an attempt to tackle 'misinformation' on gun control by outlawing hunting rifles and shotguns.

"There is a lot of misinformation and disinformation from the Conservative Party and from the gun lobby about us going after hunting rifles," they claimed once upon a time.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has also accused Muslim parents of falling for 'right-wing misinformation' for objecting to radical gender theory and sexualized materials in the classroom.

He also cried wolf on "misinformation" when his government received push back for targeting farmers with its 'mandatory' nitrogen fertilizer policy.

But the most egregious and detested example is the carbon tax. Trudeau has insisted the carbon tax puts more money in the pockets of Canadians when only 20% of Canadians are expected to receive a carbon rebate in the coming years.

GUEST: Ezra Levant, Rebel News Publisher and Rebel Commander, who is reporting from the 2024 World Economic Forum Summit in Davos, Switzerland.

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