Welcome to Davos — home to the condescending, fancy pant oligarchs who rule us from the shadows

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Tonight, Ezra Levant enters the belly of the beast in Davos to track down some VVIPs at the World Economic Forum (WEF).

WEF Founder Klaus Schwab considers himself among the self-proclaimed masters of the universe.

A wannabe Bond supervillain with a thick German accent looking down upon humanity from his hideout in the crisp, snowy mountains of Switzerland.

The Forum is nothing more than a playground for the extremely powerful who control much of our lives from the shadows.

The condescending, fancy pants oligarchs who rule over us without a free and fair election to hold them accountable.

One such person is Christopher Elias, president of Global Development at the Bill Gates Foundation, who we attempted to ask questions regarding his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein.

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