'Disease X' and the globalist Pandemic Treaty is another ploy to rid humanity of freedom

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Tonight, Ezra Levant seeks out the truth on "Disease X" at the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Within the secret conclaves of Davos lies a cult-like bureaucracy incapable of telling the truth.

The World Health Organization (WHO) engaged in fruitful talks with WEF executives Wednesday on their sovereignty crushing Pandemic Treaty.

"'Disease X' could result in 20 times more fatalities than the coronavirus pandemic," reads an event preamble.

"The importance of a legally binding instrument cannot be overstated: it will be our collective legacy for future generations," said WHO Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesus.

Masquerading as a proponent of public health, he seeks to rob humanity of its agency by eliminating the need for informed consent. Either do as we say or suffer the consequences.

The Forum is nothing more than a playground for the extremely powerful who control much of our lives from the shadows.

But to bring this reality to light or condemn them in the slightest constitutes dis- and misinformation in their books.

Implementing a global vaccine passport is his ticket to crushing our freedoms once and for all. That's his claim to fame, his legacy in the making.

Among the condescending, fancy pants oligarchs who rule over us without a free and fair election to hold them accountable.

Already, the tyrants are fixated on the next pandemic. And all should be concerned.

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