Invest in Canada promotion glosses over the real opportunities

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Did you know that on the streets of Davos, they are handing special sponsored editions of the Financial Times? It's not actually the Financial Times newspaper, though, it's a paid infomercial to invest in Canada. So Canadian taxpayers are paying to have people wandering around handing out an "Invest in Canada" glossy brochure that was paid for.

There must be thousands of copies that they're handing out here, but I'm not sure if handing out an infomercial like that on the streets of Davos is going to generate investment in Canada on its own.

And I don't know if it's going to generate investment in Canada when the prime minister himself says there is no business case. For example, for LNG liquefied natural gas, not one but two national leaders have come to Canada begging Justin Trudeau to let them buy Canadian oil and gas.

And they're handing out these promotions right outside "Project Ukraine". Do you know what the main weapon Russia is using to attack Ukraine is? It's not a tank. It's not a drone. It's the oil weapon. It's the natural gas weapon. The reason that Russia is so economically strong with foreign currency reserves is because they're one of the world's largest producers of oil and gas.

They're tied with Saudi Arabia and the United States producing about 10 million barrels of oil a day. But their real stranglehold on Europe, especially Germany, is in natural gas. You can't actually put sanctions on Russia if you're Europe, because that would be tantamount to putting sanctions on yourself. Is Germany simply going to stop using a third of its energy?

So both the new chancellor of Germany and the new prime minister of Japan, they both came to Canada and said, please liberate us from this conflict energy, liberate us from the conflict natural gas that comes from the Russian company Gazprom and please let us buy Canadian ethical oil and gas. And in the case of both those countries, they really wanted the natural gas.

And Justin Trudeau said no both times. In fact, he didn't even have the courage to say no like a normal person. He said "Oh, well, we're going to have the green energy revolution". But they need natural gas to cook on a stove, to heat a furnace.

And he gave this weird, goofy answer about hydrogen or ammonia or whatever. So my point is, you've got these nice young ladies earning a few thousand bucks over the course of Davos. And there are all these glossy brochures everywhere. But that's not going to convince someone to invest millions, let alone billions of dollars in the country.

But Canada's prime minister says there's no business case to sell oil and gas. Well, meanwhile, the Germans since signed a deal with Qatar.

Canada has one of the stupidest prime ministers in the world, and that's a damn big contest.

GUEST: Noor Bin Ladin


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