Saying goodbye to the frosty hospitality of Davos' WEF elites

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Tonight, saying goodbye to the frosty hospitality of the Word Economic Forum elites.

Behind me is the promenade in Davos, Switzerland, the Alpine village that's taken over for one week a year by the World Economic Forum.

It's a fancy town all year round. It's a ski resort, absolutely beautiful, but very upper-class.

We're staying at a cabin by someone who lives in Zurich. He comes up here every weekend with his family, but this one week a year he rents it out because there's such an enormous demand for people to stay here. It makes it difficult for independent journalists to come, which is why we have to crowdfund it. We're really thankful to you for chipping in to cover our costs.

Our team has come here once before and I think we're getting the hang of it. This year, we even applied for accreditation. I wrote a letter to the World Economic Forum saying, "Look, we're going to be here anyways. Why don't you let us come in and frankly talk to us? Even if you're just sending a spin doctor, why don't you tell us if we got our facts wrong? Why don't you bring other information to our attention to round out our story?"

But they didn't even reply. And I think that's part of the mindset here. It reminds me of a citizen journalist from Japan who told us our work inspired her. Her name is Masako.

Last year, she camped outside a restaurant where Klaus Schwab was having dinner. She waited for hours in the cold and snow. He came out and she called out a question for him.

His first reply: "What outlet are you with?"

When she said, "I'm independent," he walked away.

In other words, his responsibility to answer questions about public interest matters is determined based on the status, class, and perhaps even the wealth of the person asking the question.

Maybe it wasn't even that she was a peasant. Maybe it's that, unlike CNN, the Wall Street Journal, or one of the other regime journalists, she didn't pay to play.

Understand that every single media company that's on the inside pays to be there. The World Economic Forum is not a charity. It is a for-profit organization cooked up by Klaus Schwab, who sounds and looks like a supervillain.

There are so many insane things lying out here unreported that we don't even have to dig hard for them. No need to indulge in conspiracy theories.

What these oligarchs say is so outlandish and so dangerous that simply reporting the truth is shocking enough.

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