Tommy Robinson supports Britain's Jews, and gets punished for it

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Tonight, Ezra Levant scrums Tommy Robinson outside the Westminster Magistrates' Court in the heart of London.

A few months prior, anti-Israel hate marches ravaged the streets of London. Tens of thousands of people publicly called for the death of Jews. 

In response, nearly 50,000 people participated in a march against anti-Semitism. They countered the Hamas sycophants by calling for cooler heads to prevail.

Among those present included Tommy Robinson, an independent journalist with Urban Scoop. But local law enforcement informed Robinson he could not be present for the march, courtesy of its organizer and left-wing Jew Gideon Falter.

Onlookers in support of the Jewish community were appalled by the two-tier policing on display. And now Robinson is back in London court for reporting the news.

Despite committing no crime, he became slim pickings for Met police. Robinson is only permitted entry into London to meet with his lawyers and to go to court.

The independent journalist has received 12 actionable death threats, yet the personal vendetta of a left-wing activist sanctioned him further.

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