Trudeau's tyrannical crackdown on the Freedom Convoy ruled 'unconstitutional'

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Tonight, Ezra Levant reacts to the 'unconstitutional' use of the Emergencies Act against the Freedom Convoy.

On February 14, 2022, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Cabinet invoked the national security law to arrest Convoy leaders. The extra-judicial successor to the War Measures Act permitted law enforcement to seize property and persons involved in the anti-mandate demonstration, which spanned two weeks.

On Tuesday, Federal Court Justice Richard Mosley ruled against the measure. 

"I have concluded that the decision to issue the Proclamation does not bear the hallmarks of reasonableness – justification, transparency and intelligibility – and was not justified in relation to the relevant factual and legal constraints that were required to be taken into consideration," he wrote.

"In my view, there can be only one reasonable interpretation of EA sections 3 and 17 and paragraph 2(c) of the CSIS Act and the Applicants have established that the legal constraints on the discretion of the GIC to declare a public order emergency were not satisfied," continued Mosley.

Regardless, the Trudeau Liberals are standing by their decision to invoke the Emergencies ActThey plan to appeal this decision.

"We are aware of the court decision," Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland told reporters at a press conference. "We have discussed it with the prime minister, with cabinet colleagues, with senior federal government officials and experts."

Freeland said the federal government does not agree with the verdict, calling its use of the never-before-used act as the "right" and "necessary" thing to do because the Convoy was "an incredibly serious threat."

As finance minister, Freeland froze the bank accounts of convoy supporters. She also stood by this choice, calling it an "easy decision."  

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