Unhinged Liberals have a meltdown after Tucker Carlson invades Canada

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Tonight, Ezra Levant watches the Canadian Left throw a tantrum following Tucker Carlson's visit to Alberta.

On Wednesday, the world-renowned independent journalist, formerly of Fox News, came to 'liberate' Canadians from the tyranny of Justin Trudeau. And just as you'd expect, the political establishment and their media allies completely lost their minds.

None more so than Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's closest cabinet allies.

On Thursday, several Liberal ministers publicly condemned Alberta Premier Danielle Smith for meeting with the American media personality in the heart of progressive Alberta.

"I'm here with my colleagues — Liberal caucus members, ministers all — to talk about what happened last night in Edmonton," said Edmonton MP Randy Boissonnault. 

"For Danielle Smith to bring the mouthpiece of the MAGA conservative far-right to Edmonton Center is beyond the pale. It's deplorable," he opined. "You can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep," he said.

Transport Minister Pablo Rodriguez also chimed in while his colleagues tried to capitalize on faux outrage.

He called on Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre to take a stand and condemn Carlson's visit to Canada.

"He wants to be prime minister of this country," said Rodriguez. "What happened last night is not acceptable."

How dare those pesky plebians expose themselves to different thought! How dare Tucker deconstruct the official government narrative. 

After Smith made a tongue-and-cheek remark about putting Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault "in [Carlson's] crosshairs," the hysteria manifested into a sea of pandemonium.

Again, they conflated constructive criticism for political violence.

"This goes beyond me," claimed Guilbeault, "and the fact that I was targeted last night at this event."

He claimed Smith's remarks increased the risk of political violence against "everyone who runs for office in this country." How dare she criticize a socialist!

Free speech is the fundamental prerequisite for democracy. And apparently, Canada's illiberal Left didn't get the memo.

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