Pfizer's in trouble again, and we've got the video to prove it

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Well, last week we had our biggest video in our history. We've published, I don't know, 40,000 videos since our little company was born eight years ago. But our three minute walking scrum of Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla was the most popular by far; 20 million views on Twitter alone. Plus it was bootlegged, copied, translated, reposted in innumerable places just because it's so much fun to watch.

You know, it was an opportunistic thing. We saw him on the street. We asked him questions. When it became clear he wouldn't answer, we asked more anyways. People like to see the attempt to the accountability, even if there was no actual accountability. But it wasn't well-planned. It wasn't crafted. In fact, we had about 10 seconds to act when we saw him on the street.

Compare that to a stunning video that was released this week by Project Veritas. And you know who they are. That's run by James O'Keefe, who has really perfected the undercover investigative journalism of liberal, progressive and corporate establishments. He typically uses undercover operatives who gain access to the Democratic Party or teachers unions or left wing activist groups or Big Tech companies or other media companies.

Well, this time he did it to Pfizer, arranging for someone to go on a date with a Pfizer employee, but in a manner that made the Pfizer employee quite certain that it was a random encounter and then project Veritas, undercover reporter, would pose as someone on a date and record it. Oh, that takes nerves of steel. Well, the resulting videos have had millions of views on Twitter, which is the same place that we've had millions of views.

But let me say this. I started off by saying bad week for Pfizer. But is that actually true? Because other than on Twitter, have you seen our encounter with Albert BOURLA, Pfizer? I haven't. I didn't see it on CBC or CTV or Global News. I don't think it was on any mainstream network in the United States. FOX News carried it on Tucker Carlson show, and that is the largest cable news show in America.

But it was not on ABCNBC, CBS, the really big networks. So in a way, did Pfizer even care? We'll dig into that subject tonight, including with a guest from Project Veritas.

GUEST: Mario Balaban, media relations manager at Project Veritas

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