Another day, another loss for Canadian civil liberties

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Another very busy day at Rebel News. The news keeps coming, we're in a time of a lot of new and that is not a good thing.

It is not a good thing because the news is overwhelmingly bad and it's getting worse. Those who thought that the year 2020 was the worst, and 2021 would get better: no , I think it's the opposite.

In 2020 there was genuine confusion and fear about the pandemic. In 2021 we know better. We know that it primarily effects only the very elderly and the very sick. And so to justify the continued existence of lockdowns, the continued power of social media companies and the continued borrowing and spending power of politicians, I fear the diminution of our civil liberties will actually accelerate.

We saw that today in two ways. First, came Justin Trudeau making a strange announcement out-of-the-blue that anyone coming back to Canada at one of four airports (Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal) from an international place, now has to quarantine in a federal quarantine facility if they have the virus.

As that was happening, sometime else happened under the radar in parliament. 

Stephen Guilbeault, the Heritage Minister, was announcing his plans for a new, official censor — a new regulator. And it quickly became clear that he chose today because it's anniversary of the Quebec City mosque shooting.

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