Looking back: A heart-to-heart with Avi Yemini, 2023 Viewer's Choice Award winner

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Tonight, a heart-to-heart with the winner of the 2023 Rebel News Viewer's Choice Awards for top reporter.

Every year we have what we call the Rebbie Awards at Rebel News. It's an internal prize that we give people, usually including a little statuette. Most of the prizes are actually for behind-the-scenes employees who sometimes don't get the credit that our on-screen stars do. We do it every year at our Christmas party, and it's a little bit of fun, and there is some anticipation.

But, by far, the most prestigious award is chosen by you at our Viewer's Choice Awards. Thousands of people vote and this year it was very close. We announced the six finalists at the Christmas Party. Some of the contenders were only 1% away from each other but this year's winner had a significant margin in his lead, which is not surprising considering that he has been a multi-Rebbie Award winner. You might just know who that is.

He joins Ezra tonight from Melbourne for a special feature interview: Rebel's Chief Australian Correspondent, Avi Yemini.

GUEST: Avi Yemini, winner of the 2023 Rebel News Viewer's Choice Award.

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